It may come as a surprise to know that many of our regular walkers don’t live on the island, like Stephen and Luiza who typically visit the island twice a year and join as many of the Short & Sweet walks as they can squeeze in!

Tell me a little about yourselves, where you come from, occupation, your connection with Ibiza etc.
I, Stephen, am a semi-retired entrepreneur and Luiza teaches yoga, qi gong and breathing techniques. We were looking for an escape from London with an alternative vibe and like- minded people. From our experience, Ibiza is unique in offering that special combination and we quickly made friends and were made to feel part of the walking community.

How did you find out about Walking Ibiza and do you remember the very first walk you came on?
We were specifically looking for a walk in Ibiza and Walking Ibiza came up in our search. But our first walk with Toby around Las Dalias to the Silver Mines was gruelling and we thought it would never finish and that we’d starve in the process! Luckily, we discovered Sheila’s Short & Sweet walks which although sometimes I find challenging as I suffer from vertigo, has the added compensation of tea at the end and her homemade cake!

What three things would you tell someone new about the walks and Walking Ibiza to encourage them to join a walk?
You see beautiful parts of the island you would never have guessed existed, you make great long-lasting friends, and you feel a sense of peace at the end. Who could ask for more?

You’ve been on many walks and listened to the guides talking about the history and facts about the island. Tell me 2 things that you have remembered that have captured your imagination.
The fact that I managed to climb a rock onto a natural stone bridge near Portinax in spite of my vertigo. Toby and Sheila’s unparalleled knowledge of the plants and their medicinal qualities, especially the taste of fresh garlic flowers!. Forging friendships with people from all over the world.

Do you have a favourite walk and if so which one is it and why?
The walk to the stone bridge in Portinax and discovering the pretty stones shaped into a heart. Somehow this resonated the magic of Ibiza

Would you know the island as well as you do now if you hadn’t joined Walking Ibiza? Has it enhanced your knowledge of the island and helped you discover new places that you didn’t know before? What are your most memorable places?
No we wouldn’t and without question we have discovered so many amazing places we had no idea existed.
I remember most the stone bridge which overlooks the sea that I climbed despite my fear of heights. Luiza remembers looking over the salt pans with planes taking off in the distance, the ruins of an unfinished hotel and climbing up inside an old pirate tower. These are just some of our most memorable places and moments from the walks.

Ibiza, 29/09/2018
by Sheila Falconer