How it works

There are a few possibilities to explore and discover Ibiza with Walking Ibiza.

Join a group with our community walks
Book an amazing private walk
Choose a special experience
Go kayaking with us

Community walks

We organise (almost) every Wednesday a Short & Sweet community walk (2-3 hours), (almost) every Friday a classic community walk (4-5 hours) and almost every Sunday a Sunday Social Walk. Everybody can join these walks and you can just show up at the meeting point. The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person).

We organise every week different walks with different starting points. We always put the information of the walks on our Facebook page and you find a monthly planning on our website.

Private walks

If you want to choose your own day, time and walk we can organise a private walk for you. Our walks usually last around 3 – 5 hours and cover a route of about 10k. Here you can find the description of our top 10 private walks. So you can choose which you like best. Do you want us to recommend you a walk? Please contact us.


We offer special experiences where you will discover and explore Ibiza to the max. Our guides will not only take you on an amazing walk but let you also experience the magic of the island by trying the best tortilla on the island at a local bar, doing the spiral ceremony or making Hierbas, the typical liquor of Ibiza.

Kayak tours

Kayaking is a great way of seeing the island from a different view. Explore the beautiful Ibizan coastline from the water, visit some caves and go for a swim. This tour is perfect as a sunset trip to watch the sun dip and disappear from the sea.

In summer season we organise community sunset kayak tours on Wednesdays and Sundays from San Miguel beach to Benirras and back. If you rather choose your own time and date you can also book a private kayak tour.

Walk Ratings

At walking Ibiza we feel that everyone should have the chance to experience the adventure of walking and therefore we have made this page so that you can find whatever walk fits your capability, from relaxing stroll to challenging hill climb!

footwinMODERATE Walk

Experience is not necessary at this level; anyone who is in good health and fit enough to enjoy these walks with some inclines and declines, will be able to handle this walk. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours walking on marked but uneven trails. Walks are mainly flat with some small inclines and declines.

Fitness and Preparation – We ask that you have a reasonable level of fitness; if you are comfortable walking over some uneven terrain or perhaps take a swim/cycle/do a yoga class a couple of times a week – you should find this trek well within your means.

The Wednesday community Short & Sweet walks would suit you perfectly as would the easy rated private walks. Other good walks which fit into the moderate walks are Heaven’s Gate, Dalt Vila, Ses Salinas, Ibiza Henge and the Ibiza Henge Pirate Caves walks.

footwinfootwinCHALLENGING Walk

This is a walk which will appeal to those wanting to push themselves a little further, you will need to be undertaking a regular exercise program and have a good level of fitness and be up for a challenge. You can expect to spend up to 4-5 hours walking at a steady pace, on rocky marked and unmarked trails, with some steep inclines and declines. Walks may involve carrying a day pack. There will be hills up and down, total length around 10km’s, height climb 200-400 meters.

Fitness and Preparation – You will be doing regular fitness that involves aerobic activity 2-3 times a week, along with walking experience with a small backpack and walking on uneven surfaces.

Good walks which fit into this category are; Crystal coast, Lost City and Es Vedra.  Also the Friday and Sunday community walks are more these types of walks

footwinfootwinfootwinEPIC Walk

This walk will appeal to those wanting to explore the more remote areas of Ibiza, whilst carrying a day pack. You can expect to spend up to 5 hours walking on unmarked, rocky, steep, uneven terrain. You will accept that due to the nature of the terrain and remote locations, evacuations may be very difficult. A good level of mental and physical fitness is required.

Fitness and Preparation – An excellent level of fitness is required. You will be doing regular cardio/aerobic session combined with some long distance walks on uneven terrain with rocks and short sections where the assistance of ropes is required.

Walks which fit into this category are Es Cubells including the secret beach, Portixol and longer walks by request and the Around The Island Adventure walk for sure!