Nearly all of our walks lead us somewhere; an awesome viewpoint, a magical sunset, a secret beach, a hidden cave maybe, but the last Around The Island adventure which we did on10 consecutive Saturdays at the end of 2020 led us somewhere rather special!

Inspired by the Christmas Toy Campaign for the charity Equip Voluntari, that my mum Sheila was organising with her five friends, the group of Around The Island hikers made a collection at the celebration dinner at the end of the walk and raised an astonishing 630 euros! After some research and discussion it was decided to give some more help to the same charity whose volunteers work tirelessly to help families with children at this difficult time.

Yesterday Sheila and her friend Jean hit the supermarkets and used the donated money to buy the things most needed for babies and children. Everything was delivered to their depot this morning and received with overwhelming gratitude, especially as a number of new babies were born over the holiday period and would be needing the nappies!

Last October at our 10th Anniversary lunch we made a collection for the same cause raising 450 euros. Together with this latest donation I am very humbled that Walking Ibiza has played a small part in reaching out to help those who are struggling so much in these unprecedented times. So you see, some walks can lead to the most unexpected and beautiful places by helping each other.