About us

This is our story…Being born on Ibiza to hippy parents meant I had the best childhood in the world! Unfortunately at the age of 10 I was taken to England kicking and screaming after my parents split up. I was put into a so called ‘normal school’ which was hard to adjust to after the hippy Morna Valley school.

Life went on and before I knew it I was on the treadmill of life I had the job, car, house with all the trimmings, and driving 400 miles a day on the wonderful English motorways was not unusual. Then I met my beautiful wife Belinda and became a stepdad to two lovely daughters. Life was perfect except one thing. Belinda and I both had the vision to live abroad and after our daughters had flown the nest, we headed to Latin America travelling for what was to be the beginning of a two year trip.

It got cut dramatically short in Cusco after travelling for our first year, perched high on top of a sacred mountain. We shared a similar revelation, that we needed to come back to Ibiza and set up home.

New life in Ibiza

We quickly settled into our new life in Ibiza and Cosmo the dog joined our family. On our walks Cosmo and I started to see more of the Ibiza that I knew as a child and one day I had a crazy idea. I decided I would walk around the entire island with just €1 in my pocket and see what Ibiza had to offer!

A week later I set off with a tent, a sleeping bag, enough food and water for one day, one euro in my pocket and a trust in the universe and the beautiful island of Ibiza and its residents. Oh, and of course Cosmo by my side.

There were moments where it did strike me as slightly foolish. However, as the days passed and I encountered a barrage of generosity and adventure, I realised this was the trip that would change my life…and it did.

Having those 12 days without gadgets or gismo’s and just being fully immersed in nature threw a new perspective on my life. I felt more connected to nature, but more importantly with myself and my surroundings. On returning from my life changing experience I quickly realised I needed to share this beautiful side of ibiza with others and it was from there that walking Ibiza was born.


Walking Ibiza has grown since 2010 into an organisation that offers so much more than walking. We let people discover and explore Ibiza in many ways. By walking, mountain biking, holidays and corporate events. The last years me and my team developed new projects like Ibiza Food Tours and the walking activities are slowly extending to Formentera and Menorca as well.

During season I work with a team of approx 15 professional walking, biking and food tour guides who are all passionate to give an amazing experience.

Toby Clarke Founder of Walking Ibiza