Responsible Travel Policy

We are a local business and are entirely dependent on the environment, culture and people of Ibiza to exist. As we love to show you the real Ibiza, so we need the real Ibiza to thrive; not only for the long term sustainability of our business, but also to support all those who live here, and to keep this incredible island alive for future generations of residents and visitors.

Therefore, Walking Ibiza operates a responsible travel policy, which we educate all our staff and visitors on. We encourage you to read the policy and learn more about Ibiza than we can provide on a walk. Protecting this island and ensuring its viability is all our responsibility.


Aims of our Responsible Travel Policy

  • To raise the profile of the ‘other side’ of Ibiza for visitors; to encourage a move away from the ‘party reputation’ of Ibiza
  • To provide an affordable way to explore the island for the local community
  • To educate visitors and the local community about the island environment, history, flora and fauna, and the importance of protecting this special place for future generations
  • To establish and manage a truly local business using only local / long term expatriate staff and local suppliers


Our Mission Statement

We believe there is no better way to discover the other side of Ibiza than on foot. As the original guided walking company on Ibiza, we aim to introduce tourists and the local community to the island’s history, culture and natural beauty through engagement with the environment by walking.

Our policy is organised around the core elements of social, environmental and cultural responsibility.


Social Responsibility

  • We hold regular charity events which raise money for local charities, such as our 2014 Four Day Challenge, where participants had to circumnavigate the island on foot, bike and kayak. We raised over 5000 euros, with proceeds going to a number of local charities such as Mojis Animal Sanctuary and Food for Ibiza. We also assist other charitable groups by organising their fund raising events.
  • We support local environmental projects such as Casita Verde (http://greenheartibiza.org/casita-verde/about), using their farm as a finishing point for walks so walkers can understand what this important project does.
  • All of our guides and support staff are either local Ibizans or they are long term expatriates, who reside in Ibiza all year.
  • We use local suppliers and businesses for our catering, equipment hire, accommodation and other requirements; for example local restaurants, kayak specialists, privately owned hostels and hotels.


Environmental Responsibility

  • All of our guides and support staff are trained in the management and protection of the local environment when on walks and include this information in visitor briefings; for example not littering, not smoking (to prevent forest fires), walking on the agreed track to not damage wildlife, not picking plants unless given the go ahead by the guide
  • When we wild camp with visitors, we ensure we leave no trace of our campsite behind us and ensure our visitors understand this policy and what it means for them
  • We endeavour to recycle all our camping equipment, such as the use of titanium mugs and water bottles, to reduce waste; and we explain this approach to visitors
  • We encourage visitors to use our transfers which can take larger groups together rather than driving separately. Likewise, we encourage locals to carpool when attending a community walk
  • Our caterers use local, organic food, where possible, provided in recyclable containers


Cultural Responsibility

  • All our guides are trained to the same standard on the island’s history and culture, and are able to explain to visitors the key events and the main elements of Ibiza’s unique culture. Guides also bring their own stories which add to the experience of Ibiza’s diversity.
  • Ibiza has been a multi-cultural island since the 1600s and this continues today with locals living alongside a substantial long term ex patriate population, from many countries in Europe, Australia and South America. We only use guides from these local or long term ex patriate communities. Our guides speak a variety of European languages including Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Italian and German.
  • We have tours that include local historical sites such as the Lost City of the Moors, various look out towers around the coast, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dalt Villa (or old town) and also food tours, with sampling of local dishes from local restaurants.
  • Throughout the year we run our popular community walks, which are open to locals and ex pats and run on a donation basis to allow for different levels of income. These prove very popular with up to 50 people sometimes attending, and are a great social occasion as well, especially in the winter months.