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We post all of our events 2 weeks in advance here in our calendar. We share them 1 week in advance on our Facebook page and in our newsletter (click to sign up). You can book by using the link in the event.
Keep safe, keep well, keep walking!


Wednesdays Are PURE Nature Reset – On the first Wednesday of every month join us on a holistic walk, created to help you let go of the past and embrace the present.  Our guide, Lia, a certified Yoga Teacher, Mindfullness Coach, will lead you through a series of mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, helping you to clear your mind and focus on the present moment.  The experience will finish with a sharing circle of about 15 min to close the walk. Then some grounding Chai tea & bliss balls to close the walk.

Wednesdays Are PURE – The other Wednesdays in the month will be a traditional 2 hour walk, focusing on the most stunning walks with the most wonderful guides to lead the way, enabling you to enjoy nature with new and old friends, see stunning views and have time to explore the island.

Thursday’s eBIKE Tours – 3 hours with our wonderful guides, that you already know, leading the way and showing you the amazing sights that Ibiza has to offer, all from the comfort of the latest electric mountain bikes.

Around The Island in 10 Saturdays – Walk around the entire coastline of our beautiful island in 10 consecutive Saturdays! (260 kms in total). You can join us for all 10 days, or decide to join only a few.  Winters only.  

Sunday’s Social Walks – Lead by the top Walking Ibiza guides, all madly passionate about the island, 8-10 kms medium rated & paced 3-4 hours with information and fascinating details and stories.

Night Sky Walks – Our special evening walks with our ‘star lady’ Etienne, who can tell you all about the night sky!

Sunset Kayak Tours (from May – Sept.) – 3 hours with our amazing guides. We go into some cool caves, listen to the famous drumming at Benirras and then enjoy the sunset from the water around the rock so named the Finger of God.


-A small backpack so your hands are free
-At least 1.5 litres of water
-Some snacks to keep you going
-Good foot wear that has been worn in
-Sunblock if required
-Sun hat if required
-Swimming gear
-Light shower coat, just in case (in the winter months)

We have walking poles available to assist you if required.

-Everything in a backpack so your hands are free
-Good trainers suitable for biking
-Gloves suitable for biking if you have them
-1.5 litres of water per person
-Light wind stop / shower coat

As little as possible, as everything could get wet and can be lost in the ocean!
Wear swimming things with a warm top as it can get chilly on the way back.
Everything can get wet so do not bring anything you mind getting wet or sinking
Towel to leave in the car
Change of clothes to leave in the car
Small bottle of water (500ml)
Apply sun ­lotion before leaving
Sunhat for daytime kayaks
We have a dry bag to put valuables in, but best not to bring any!

If you have a lovely well trained dog which is also socialized please bring them along. They will need to be on a lead on the roads & some of the beaches.

We have liability insurance, but do not have medical insurance – this is your responsibility.

All our guides are trained and have the ability to lead groups, they all carry a first aid kit and use walkie talkies to keep in contact with a back marker to make sure the group stays together and are safe. We also have strict departure and return procedure to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The trip and your safety is your responsibility and you must ensure you are covered for this prior to coming on the walk.

Don’t hesitate contacting us if you have further questions.

Toby +34 608 69 29 01

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All Day (Saturday)

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